About Us

Kaua‘i Chamber Vision and Mission

Since 1913, the Kaua‘i Chamber has served our island’s diverse business community. We envision a vibrant and resilient network of businesses that focus their collective power and unique strengths to make Kaua‘i a better place to live and work. Our mission is to “champion economic prosperity by being the voice of business, promoting collaboration, and helping our members thrive.”

Members of the Kaua’i Chamber reflect the wide range of businesses and organizations that are the lifeblood of Kauai’s healthy and growing economy. Financial institutions and health care providers, wholesale distributors, and small business owners, as well as individual members, are just a few of the many distinctive Chamber of Commerce participants who contribute to a robust social and economic environment on Kaua‘i.

Our Values

Aloha Spirit – We believe the Aloha Spirit is the blending of mind and heart within each person that connects us to ourselves and to each other through kindness, unity, respect, humility, and patience.

Belonging – We believe in cultivating a sense of belonging within our membership and building a diverse Chamber community based on acceptance, relationships, and connection.

Excellence – We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We set bold goals and focus on the results we want to achieve while surpassing ordinary standards of quality.

Integrity – We believe in strong relationships formed through consistency, honesty, and accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity is choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy, and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.

Partnership & Collaboration – We believe that engaging the creativity, talents, and passions of our members, board, staff, and partners leads to better solutions, experiences, and communities.

More about the Chamber…

The Kaua‘i Chamber is a nonprofit 501c6 trade association that represents all elements of Kauai’s business and industry, both large and small. The membership includes thousands of business and professional men and women representing over 400 Kaua‘i firms who give freely of their time and talents to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, civic and social well-being of the County of Kaua‘i and the State of Hawai‘i.

Our core competencies include: Event Planning, Member-to-Member Networking, Community Relations, Military Relations, and Government Relations

We Advocate for Your Business

Each year the Chamber addresses many concerns affecting the business community. Issues that have been explored include privatization, zoning by initiative, the high cost of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, revisions to the Kaua‘i sign ordinance, priorities for the improvement of our highways, harbors and parks, and the Lihu‘e Airport Master Plan Improvements.

A major activity of the Chamber is its advocacy role represented through the PUBLIC POLICIES COMMITTEE (PPC), which reviews legislation and provides testimony on behalf of the membership. Another PPC activity is the monthly meeting that rotates between the Mayor and the County Council, which provides a direct link between the business community and County officials to discuss items of benefit to members. To view the Chamber’s Legislative Priorities, click here.

The Chamber provides every Kaua‘i businessperson with an opportunity to voice their opinion concerning legislation, taxes, civic affairs and other important economic matters.

How the Chamber Works

The President and the staff operate within the framework of budgets and policies established by the Board of Directors, and are responsible for the business management of the Chamber. All policies, programs and activities are the responsibility of the Board of Directors acting on recommendations made by various committees. Present committees are Public Policy, Workforce & Education Development, Membership and Public Relations, Events & Activities. Additional representation is always needed on these committees and all Chamber members are encouraged to participate.

Anyone Can Become a Member

Any person, company, corporation or civic organization interested in the welfare of the County of Kaua‘i may become a member by making written application and by paying the appropriate annual dues upon approval by the Membership Committee.

Chamber Committees

The Kaua’i Chamber has active committees that address concerns impacting its members and the entire business community. All Chamber Members are encouraged to participate. Committees meet monthly, for more information, please contact the Chamber.


This committee helps to determine legislative priorities and meets monthly (alternating) with the Mayor and Council Chair to express interests and concerns affecting business owners. The Chamber also supports business issues at the county and state levels through organizations such as The Chamber of Commerce Hawai’i and Kaua’i Business Council. Current issues being addressed include workers’ compensation, taxation and health care premiums.


This committee’s main task is to generate membership and support and assist in areas such as membership retention and the value(s) of Chamber membership. This committee is constantly finding innovative ways of promoting the Kaua’i Chamber of Commerce to keep our organization in the forefront of the business community through social media, radio and television, as well as the local newspaper.


This committee helps to plan the Chamber’s workshops, seminars, business after hours and quarterly membership meetings. These events and activities provide great networking opportunities as well as educational opportunities. Special events include the Annual Small Business Administration Awards and Mea Hoʻomanaʻo Award.


This committee is the driving force of making the Chamber the “Go-to-Resource” for businesses on Kauai. The committee’s task is to provide relevant information to all businesses through workshops and Lunch & Learn events. The small business committee Education Sub-Committee continues to meet with educators and businesses on Kaua’i to increase communication, develop leadership, mentorship, internship and educational opportunities and to prepare our youth for a future in the workplace


The Kaua’i Military Affairs Council (KMAC) is a conduit of information and resources between members of the Kaua’i Chamber of Commerce and Kauai’s military ohana. The KMAC primarily exists to support the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) as Kauai’s third largest employer, employing over 1,000 enlisted personnel, civilians, contractors and others. PMRF is the largest instrumented multi-environment training and test range in the world, from space to the ocean floor there are over 4-5 missile testing events per year brining in $2 million to the Kaua’i economy.