Mea Hoʻomanaʻo – Aloha Begins with Me!

A dream of late Kauaʻi Mayor Bryan Baptiste was to remind residents of the importance of respect, civility and aloha in their interactions.

The Mea Hoʻomanaʻo program, which Baptiste started, is the fulfillment  of that dream.  The term refers to something that causes you to remember. A diverse team of Kauaʻi  residents helped design the purple logo with the words, “Aloha Begins With Me.” Its key feature is a recognition that, indeed, we need to ourselves act the way we hope others will act around us.

“Aloha Begins With Me”—the concept bridges the gaps between generations, between residents and newcomers, between ethnic groups, between people of different income levels and educational achievements. It is aimed not at visitors, but at those of us who live here. It brings to life Mayor Baptiste’s strong belief that Kauai’s future is our own kuleana (responsibility). It builds on the earlier slogans, “Live Aloha,” and “Aloha, It’s Kauai’s Spirit.“

For Mayor Baptiste, it was a recognition that this was a hallmark of Hawaiian life in the past, and is something we want to regain, rejuvenate and preserve. Many people—even residents— today have never experienced the aloha spirit of old—of people helping each other without expecting something in return, of looking beyond their differences, of assuming the best in their relationships.

He wanted, he said, “to provide our populace with reminders and support in achieving civility and kindness in our interactions with others. To refocus on our blessings and the gift of living here on Kauaʻi to achieve a oneness – a unity of spirit, of action, and of Aloha. To embrace our differences and  celebrate our similarities.“

Nomination Criteria –

  1. Nominee personifies the meaning of Mea Hoʻomanaʻo – Aloha Begins with Me.
  2. This person or persons demonstrates the true meaning of Aloha in their thoughts, words, and actions.
  3. Nominee inspires you and others to live the values of Kauaʻi and to act with aloha, kindness, and respect.
  4. Nominee goes “above and beyond” their job responsibilities and acts from a place of caring and selflessness.

Please tell us about your nominee by following the link to the 2022 Nomination Form and share why they should be named a Mea Hoʻomanaʻo Award Recipient for 2022.

The winner(s) selected will be honored at the Chamber’s 3rd Quarter General Membership Meeting sponsored by HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union on Thursday, September 22nd at the Kauaʻi Beach Resort.

The Deadline to submit this nomination form is Friday, August 26, 2022.